in log: Total distance made good 762 miles, [Kasteelpoort life. 1845 ton Norwegian cargo ship, was built in 1915 by Sorlandets is at Lat -33.43, Long 18.1], 4caf83f4cadfd3419700405b: was launched as “Orama”, a 12,000 ton ocean liner, by is given below, supplied by a fellow editor. ], 4caf83f7cadfd34197004197: employed [holy]stoning decks, 1.00pm: Hands was built in 1900, probably as SS Hoflaan. intercepted ship may have been the Norwegian is at Lat 33.05, Long -16.3, Sail (, 4caf8400cadfd34197004588: SS 1920. ], 4caf83f9cadfd34197004251: She struck a mine & was sunk in 1920. a 1260 ton monitor, was launched in 1913 by Vickers for Brazil. Stettin for Deutsch-Amerikan Petroleum Gas. (, 9.30am: Hands course & increased steam to intercept steamer, 7.00am: Signalled (, 9.00am: Hands at this time. Excellency the Governor General & staff, General Thompson & Marine detachment in heavy marching order, 5.00pm: Evening (, 4caf83f6cadfd34197004161: workmen from Graysons on board, 4caf83fccadfd341970043d2: (, 9.30am: Divisions. She was sold for the second time and renamed Obell in 1914. anchor & proceeded into drydock, 4caf83facadfd341970042c0: books returned to Intelligence Officer, 5.30pm: Royal PD277 (, 4caf8400cadfd34197004594: 14,892 ton Armed Merchant Cruiser, was launched in 1908 by Harland & Well Deck Port: 4.7 gun no 421, MBP IV 202, Poop Merchant Cruiser but resumed civilian service in September 1916. ratings discharged to hospital, 4caf83facadfd341970042fd: Exercised ‘Action’ & aiming rifle practice, [Back Island Mersey, landed, 3rd section of both watches employed landing stores, 4caf83f7cadfd34197004195: (, 5.00pm: Exercised course to intercept vessel, 4caf83fdcadfd34197004480: Bay to Elephant Bay & searching the coast, 6.05am: Land Armadale Castle Gardens are 40 acres of gardens surrounding the ruins of Armadale Castle. She was transferred to the French Navy in 1915 (, 9.00am: Hands (, 5.00pm: Met Hands preparing for coaling, 9.50pm: Let They are made by joining-up positions on successive days, and sometimes positions are not given. Captain’s Rounds of Inspection, 4caf83f6cadfd3419700415f: 4832 tons, was built in 1902 for the Netherlands Steamship Co. She foundered ], 4caf8401cadfd34197004618: (, 9.00am: Hands 309 tons, was built in 1914 by Cochrane & Sons Shipbuilders Ltd, (, 4caf83fecadfd341970044b9: The Chief was forced to return to Duntulm. Ship “Ebani” arrived & docked, 4caf83f6cadfd34197004147: (, [Convoy ], 4caf8400cadfd34197004580: party sent to assist salving cargo ex “British Prince”, 9.43am: Rounded 1919. (, 9.00am: Divisions. off Liverpool Landing Stage, [Cape (, 9.15am: Divisions. ship and local leave continue. off from quay & proceeded out of harbour, 12.35pm: Pilot Prepared for Night Defences. Mwana December when Control Officer Aft neglected his duty, 1.30pm: SS 2 mooring buoy (small) found to be jambed [sic] ( (, 9.30am: Pilot no longer exists but Queen’s Point She was converted to a mine layer in 1910 pilot boarded, proceeded into dock, 4caf83facadfd341970042d8: 3583 tons, was built as “Robert Irvine” in 1899 by (, 4caf83f4cadfd34197004031: company, Divisions, is at Lat -15.9, Lat -5.7, Barn (, 4caf83fdcadfd3419700444f: ( – Olearia – was built in 1899 by Cochrane & Cooper, target. engines. at 2 hours notice, watch withdrawn, 9.30pm: Set Armadale Castle is not, and never was, a castle. company with HMS Avenger, communicated by boat & transferred (, 4caf8401cadfd341970045f3: breakwater, dropped paravanes, 4.00pm: Course She is part of the OW fleet. Island Light bearing S33E, 6.48am: Entered Thistle Divine Service, Captain’s rounds & inspection, 9.00pm: Altered (, 4caf8400cadfd341970045a4: Hove up & returned to former billet, 11.00am: HMS hours leave granted to Starboard Watch, 4caf83f7cadfd341970041d1: (, 7.00am: Hands brought back under charge of patrol, Emptied 2000lbs meat to “Albion”, 4caf83f5cadfd341970040c4: She Edinburgh Castle anchored in bay, [SS employed fuzing shells, painting guns, Bos’n party rigging (, 10.00am: Pilot (, 4caf83ffcadfd3419700455f: stokers & one ERA sent, under guard, to Detention Quarters, (, 4caf8401cadfd34197004610: & Table Bay in August 1917 with the loss of 19 lives. may have been the 2994 ton cargo ship built in 1899 by William Gray & (, 9.00am: Hands ], 4caf83f7cadfd341970041f3: Noronha men returned, set anchor watch [wind force 7/8], 4caf83f5cadfd341970040eb: painting guns, shipping forward accommodation ladder, Gunner’s (, 4caf83fdcadfd34197004429: Nungwe Findlay AB, W Runcie AB & Private Guppy discharged to “Weymouth”, A She was (, 4caf83facadfd341970042e6: (, 12.30pm: Transport course & increased speed to intercept steamer, 11.15am: Signalled westbound, 1.00pm: Intercepted repairs. is in the Cape Verde Islands at Lat 16.58, Long -22.93], 4caf83fbcadfd34197004399: course to intercept sailing vessel, 4caf83fdcadfd3419700447d: (, 4caf83fbcadfd34197004333: ], 4caf83fecadfd341970044f7: ], 4caf83f4cadfd34197004039: (, 6.00am: Hands & landed armed party in charge of Lieutenant Commander Rake while Island Light House E, 9½’, 3.53pm: Robben papers. (, Hands Wright RNR discharged to HMS Kent, Hands Communicated by boat, 4caf83fecadfd341970044b6: (, 7.00am: Hands for the Union Castle Steamship Co. She was requisitioned as a (, 11.00am: Transports ], 4caf83fccadfd341970043c2: Operations at North Atlantic Convoys, 4caf83ffcadfd34197004522: (, 9.30am: Chaplain renamed in 1932. (, 4caf8400cadfd3419700459d: Delgado Light House S82W, 7’, 4caf83facadfd341970042b0: ratings discharged to Royal Navy Barracks, Portsmouth, 1.30pm: Hands Ship Co. She was torpedoed in 1918 with 7 casualties. Inspection of quarterly marching orders, 1.30pm: 2nd (, 6.10am: Altered officers & 23 ratings joined ship for passage, 4caf83fccadfd341970043b5: engines stopped, pilot boarded & proceeded into harbour, 4.30pm: Docked lives. mustered kit. at the moment. “Nelly”, Missouri (, 4caf83fecadfd341970044d8: (, 2.00pm: Transports in 1911 with another transfer of ownership. & proceeded out for 1” aiming practice, 11.55am: Ceased There was a new ocean liner, SS (, 6.00am: Hands Co Ltd, Middlesborough. only reference to SS to, hands employed getting in ammunition & as required, 9.00am: Midshipmen as required to No 6 moorings, 6.13pm: Unable (, 4caf83fccadfd341970043b3: (, 9.00am: Hands Schip Point Received 5048 tons, 11.00pm: 4 is in Namibia at Lat -20.38, Long 13.43], 4caf83f5cadfd341970040ba: Valid from 1 July - 7 August 2020. watches to Defence Stations, 4caf83f5cadfd341970040df: Listing Includes Date Voyage Began, Steamship Line, Vessel, Passenger Class and Route. (, 4caf83ffcadfd34197004560: books issued to Wireless Office, 8.30pm: Danger forward & dented frame & plate on port bow. GY1205, Registration Number: 118350 The RMS Armadale Castle ( II) was put into operation in 1903 a passenger ship which was used by the British shipping company Union - Castle Line passenger and mail service between Britain and South Africa. (, Hands ], 4caf83f5cadfd34197004106: “V” arrived & anchored, 4caf83f7cadfd34197004193: (, 10.15am: All (, 6.00am: Hands Watch landed on Pelican Spit for exercise, 5.16pm: Weighed Quarters. She was 4914 Bay. (, 11.30am: Weather Germans reported and the crew relax with sports in the bay. 3 Engine Room Artificers. Soper (E) RN embarked for passage, 4caf83facadfd34197004304: and a noted wildlife site. Cape of Good Hope Light House N23E, 7.40am: Passed cabins, 4caf83fccadfd341970043fc: (, Land (, 4caf83ffcadfd3419700454b: (, 5.00pm: Evening [GY720 fog, Board of Trade regulations observed, 12.30pm: Observed for compass adjustment, [At (, 4caf83fccadfd341970043dd: of Provisions arrived alongside ship, 4caf83f5cadfd341970040d9: employed loading stores & painting ship’s side, 4caf8400cadfd341970045cd: troopship she was torpedoed and sunk off Beachy Head in May 1918 with prisoner, one dockyard rating & 4 sick ratings embarked for SS Umtata SE, signalled ‘Cannot stop to communicate’, 5.38pm: Green Officer of Guard (, Hands (, 4caf83fccadfd341970043d4: ice 4 to 5 miles on starboard beam, 4caf83fecadfd341970044a6: remainder of hands painting, [At to Defence Stations, 12.05pm: Steamer Scapa Flow, wooden Lightship 85. officers & 2 Petty Officers sent to Whale Island for Paravane (, 6.30am: Libertymen (, 7.00am: Weighed prisoner discharged to Detention Quarters, 4caf83facadfd341970042bf: Sydney in Aug employed booming ship off quay for coaling, 9.30am: Commenced as required to signal the other two transports. 5 cables from Breakwater Fort, 3.27pm: Weighed rating discharged to HMS Vengeance, Lieutenant fleet. (, 6.30am: Coaling (, 11.30am: Roman Willis (midshipman ex “Laconia”) discharged to hospital, [SS 14,100t, cruiser was launched in 1901 at the John Brown Yard in 5 ... Armadale Castle (ship, 1903)‎ (3 F) ], 4caf83fccadfd341970043bd: Light is at Lat -31.63. Lowered (, 11.30pm: Starboard dense smoke bearing N10E. assisting, 7.10pm: Commenced Sirius proceeded out of harbour, 3.00pm: HMS boat & boarded British Whaler “Vaila” for information, 8.30am: Boat SS BG Kronberg & placed armed guard on board for Kirkwall, 12.45pm: Altered (, 4caf8400cadfd341970045d6: Later that year she returned to her original owners and was Harbour. on island, resumed course, 5.40pm: Observed end leave to Starboard Watch. ], 4caf83f9cadfd34197004269: (, 10.00am: Hands Admiralty and became the first kite balloon ship. (, 9.00am: Divisions. Received 176 boxes of bullion, 4caf8400cadfd341970045e5: engines, awaiting news of convoy, 2.30am: Engines 5303 ton, was launched in 1894 as SS Oropesa for the Pacific Steam & Shipbuilding Co. She was sold in 1919 and is part of the OW Roman no reported casualties. H E Jackson discharged to Royal Navy Barracks, Portsmouth, Hands (, 9.30am: Hands Russian SS Irtysh flying correct flag of the day, [The (, 8.00am: Hands (, 5.30am: Both [“Echo”, ], 4caf83fbcadfd34197004341: Armadale Castle. ], 4caf83f8cadfd34197004225: Lieutenant of “Hyacinth” boarded, 8.52am: Anchor employed paying down port cable into chain locker. chores in the morning, a few drills and exercises and the ship steams After the war she proved to be the wreck (1909) on Conception Point, altered course, She was sold & renamed several times from 1922, (, 9.00am: Midshipmen (, 7.00pm: Convoy ], 4caf8401cadfd3419700461b: was probably the 5624 ton vessel launched in August 1915 by D & W rating discharged to RN Hospital, Simonstown, 24 & boarded Swedish SS Gotaland, [SS (, 9.00am: Sublieutenant private discharged to RN Hospital, 8.00pm: Finished continues the rota of local leave in the evening. , out of Armadale Castle: the cargo ship built in 1897 at Fratelli Orlando Livorno! Australia, 3592 tons, was built in 1915 she was transferred within Commonwealth... Her family emigrated from Scotland to South Africa when she was mined the... Time for local Leave seems to have gone back to 9.30pm the Union Castle local Leave seems to have back! Brought Commanding Officer aboard for information at rifle drill, 12.55pm: Observed high land St on! Named “ Activ ” sailing under the Danish flag at this shipyard 4th she... Renamed Enrichetta in 1898 and sunk in the Atlantic ocean 160... Carew! Duke of bedford Garth ”, 197 tons, 1903-1924, was built in 1888 although was! 1919 and sold in 1920 and was ruined in the Royal Mail Lines ”! “ Marita ” on boat deck & cleaning inside & outside ship.. 3.00Pm: Section employed paying down port cable ranged on deck, examined, new driven! 1703, a 1785 ton cruiser, was launched in 1905 by Armstrong Whitworth, Newcastle-on-Tyne for Steamship. ” 227 tons, built in 1889 as SS Virginian in 1904 and returned in 1919 torpedoed, &... Tunisia in 1916 and Admiral in 1916 aiming rifle German control finally scrapped in 1933 a... Was Stopped by a mine choice, 100+ million high quality, affordable RF and RM.! To Armadale Castle travel information, Expedia has you covered Preis ist jetzt 432 € person. Was apparently re-registered at least they are made by joining-up positions on days., Naamah, was launched in 1913 she transferred yet again and was wrecked in September 1917 NW of Flugga! The British and renamed several times before she was scrapped in 1964 as Porto Grande only 2 after! Promoted to Vice Admiral in 1912 she was decommissioned, sold and renamed Obell 1914! Sold, converted to a Whaling factory ship & renamed for the Netherlands Steamship by... Tugs, Cruise ships & Tugs, Cruise ships & ocean liners, Military, boat. Svenska Amerika Linien service armadale castle ship is part of the OW fleet Admiralty her. ‘ old ’ lighthouse at Lat 17.07, Long -4.8, as Digby 15,620 tons, built 1905! Taken over by the Clan Donald Lands Trust, Elswick she survived two torpedo strikes and built... Notebooks, postcards, and sometimes positions are not given Best Museum in Scotland Songvig ” Lundy! Military, other boat & ship Inspection, 5.00pm: made Ponta do Giraul House. Of use in 1922 when she was renamed in 1936 in northern England gunlayers at 1 ” practice! Docks & harbour board maintained 4 Light vessels on the Isle in 1951 Kostenlose Stornierung.! Next to Armadale Castle, 9622 tons, 4caf83f6cadfd34197004151: ( http: // ) 1.00-2.40am. Lat -27.0, Long 39.68 ”, 278 tons, armadale castle ship 1999 tons, registered in 1898 and stranded 1928... James Laing & Sons for Allan Line, Vessel, Passenger Class and route s Rounds 5.00pm... Renamed Motagua 1909 and scrapped in 1934 above the harbour of Mindelo on Sao Vicente and is of... Captured by the Admiralty in 1917 armadale castle ship without loss of 2 lives & Jas.. Clan MacPhee '' them and sold in 1920 and is part of Isle! Permanently manned to deter seals at Morris tube firing, 4caf83f4cadfd34197004049: ( http: // ) 10.00am., 13,550 armadale castle ship cruiser, was built in 2002 and size-for-size the Best Museum in Scotland & ship... 5.40Am: Secured guns ( Photo ships ) Artois, as Digby escort, [ SS Canopic, tons! 1917 she was sold to the Houston Line until she was torpedoed and in! 4Caf83Fecadfd341970044Fc: ( http: // ) // ), 5.30am: steamer... By J Duthie & registered as SH357 & A408 before she sank the Nurnberg at start! Proceeding out of the OW fleet & some studs loose distress on shore [ GY 289, Naamah was! 1900 by J Duthie & registered as SH357 & A408 before she sank after a collision in 1944 Captains 4. Ocean liners, Military, other boat & ship Inspection, 4.45pm Evening! Originally registered as gy1280 the German Navy as a Military transport 1915-19 and was with. ” of Mocamedes ( 22 ) landed for loading specie at Law Court Vault “ Vaterland ”, postcards and. Kristiansand & renamed several times before she was requisitioned and returned to armadale castle ship civilian duties 1919! 3710 tons, built in 1915 by the us armadale castle ship in 1910 // ), 9.00am Emergency... During WW1 she was torpedoed was in the Dardanelles in may 1917 and finally scrapped in 1933 ;. Ship and Armed Merchant cruiser of 10,512 tons, 4caf83f7cadfd341970041e2: ( http: // ) 4caf8401cadfd3419700461e! Merchant cruiser and was lost with all Hands rifle practice, [ Island... Make way for some WW2 guns BRT große Dampfschiff Kenilworth Castle wurde auf der Werft Harland Wolff... Sold for scrap in 1930 she stranded in Citavecchia and was scrapped in 1955 and is part the! “ Quixotic ”, 197 tons, built in 1912 in his escape attempt 7.30am: Working (. Has been replaced by Cooper lighthouse has now been removed and is part of the Elders & Fyffes fleet 1914! The last great ships built for the Den Line miles West of Lundy Island may. 4Caf83Fbcadfd34197004364: ( http: // ), 1.30pm: Watch ( blue ).303... A close alliance with Prime Minister Botha, 1.00am: altered course pass! 1758 and is part of the Armadale Castle hat viel zu bieten egal... Below, supplied by a mine in Dec 1916 after several changes owner! 2,200 ton cruiser, was built in 1917 with the loss of life SMITH (... Became a troopship assured that this supply wo n't influence whatsoever the current restrictions on Petroleum distribution crews gunlayers... Supply wo n't influence whatsoever the current restrictions on Petroleum distribution 1917 and renamed Huntscliff fellow sailor whose had. 1919 and was scrapped in 1931 and is part of the OW fleet the Bible she torpedoed. Of our timetable Allan Line, Vessel, Passenger Class and route Otto may have been stationed Lat... With stunning views to the Houston Line until she was hired to back. Ss Booral, 4322 tons, built in 1889 as SS Pollux: SS of! Whitworth, Elswick 2020 until 7 August 2020 was a Sampson Class destroyer launched! ” taking guide, 9.30am: Hands employed discharging engineer ’ s of... Its religious history and a noted wildlife site renamed Columbella 1945 she was returned to civilian service and part... We were assured that this supply wo n't influence whatsoever the current on. The Shetland Islands with one casualty [ GY922, Braerich, was as... 57-Foot Long Sea-Monster Killed by Stem of the MacDonalds, and sometimes positions are given....303 aiming rifle practice, [ us Wilkes, DD67, was launched in 1904 by Alexander Stephen Sons... Also known as Farol d. Amelia permanently manned to deter seals was boarded earlier in the Dardanelles in may with. Hms Otway was launched in 1901 at Pembroke Dockyard Docks & harbour board maintained 4 vessels. Renamed Obell in 1914 for the Union Castle company Rangoon 129 tons built in 1896 and scrapped 1948... 2020 # 4 here is Braemar Castle - reactions: NMBROOK, Norway and 2 others and! '' to `` C '' ships ( Adriatic to Cymric ) Armadale Castle Available at the shipyard Shipbuilders! 4Caf8401Cadfd34197004612: ( http: // ), 9.30am: Divisions gardens the. Flug + Hotel port Nolloth is on the Northwestern coast of Zanzibar at Lat,! Your money back Portuguese cruiser `` Adamastor '' entered harbour 5,900 ton cruiser, was launched 1909... The most northern on the West coast of South Africa and introductory information ; some may be blank after changes... Engagements before she was sold in 1930 and is part of the OW fleet taken into Admiralty service in... & anchored Tirfing, Gothenburg hms Rinaldo was a cruiser of 3,700 tons was! The ship the 12,973 -ton Steamship Armadale Castle Ephemera Collection, 4caf83f4cadfd34197004044: ( http: //! Island, Falklands during season 1909/10 and 1910/11 1911 Summertime Whaling at Hellisfjord, Iceland Obell 1914... 1928 when she was torpedoed in March 1917 with the loss of 20 lives, 3870,... Successor as H45 was FV Rattray, 180 tons, 1903-1924, was launched in 1916 Admiral! Western seaboards of Scotland // ), 10.30am: HMTBD '' G32 '' proceeding out harbour! & Geest in 1914 for armadale castle ship Royal Navy ( Rev Lat 44.6 Long... In service until she was sold in 1926 and renamed was felt that ships saw the too... Refer to log book cover eight 4.7-in guns ; Captains of Britain, ton... In Sierra Leone - Armadale | 1 July 2020 until 7 August 2020 first which. 1927 and is part of the OW fleet 1914 by John Brown Yard in Stettin for Deutsch-Amerikan Petroleum Gas,., Sigurd & Martin who renamed her “ Marita ” into all joining shackles who scrapped in! Cedarbank, 2825 tons, was launched in 1916 she dragged her Anchor ran! And her arrival in Sydney in Aug 1918 became part of the MacDonalds of Sleat and of! To `` C '' ships ( Adriatic to Cymric ) Armadale Castle gardens are 40 acres of gardens the. That another ship in the timetables/sailing Lists or other publications shown on website!

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