Perhaps the most important decision when planning a trip to Cancun — any time, but especially during COVID-19 — is where you’re going to stay. Quintana Roo, the state where Cancún is located, has recorded 4,245 confirmed coronavirus cases, of which 806 are considered active, according to federal government data. As of May 1, the Benito Juarez municipality where Cancún is located had 619 confirmed cases of the coronavirus and had recorded 82 deaths. Hey Denise, thank you for taking the time to read my blog and I’m so glad you found it useful. 30 con Av. , Good morning Sarah: Saw that when u land in Cancun you will be scanned for ur temperature, what happens if u have a fever, will u have to quarantine for 14 days. Beaches are open. Your accommodations may provide this as part of your stay, but if not, Cancun Shuttle is a reliable option for safe and affordable private transfers. If circumstances change, we will contact you with additional information. Sorry to not be more helpful but if there’s anything else I can help with please do let me know. we actually booked a condo on the beach not through you, however if you are saying the government advisories from the US state the second week of June to get back to normal that is when we would be there, does that indicate on when your saying the restrictions there will be lifted and things will be opened or when you feel once it is lifted it should be back to normal? Do you think full refunds without penalties would be issued to all under the circumstances? So, there’s that. Facemasks may be in short supply and they should be saved for caregivers. Hey Bob, I am not totally sure of what happens if you have a fever but I imagine it’s very unlikely that you will. You may also find this blog here on new protocols very useful… What was it you read that was discouraging and I might be able to answer your question more effectively? A visit to the ancient Mayan ruins is one of the top attractions in Cancun. Because limited interview appointments will be available, we may cancel some first-time applicant appointments that have already been scheduled. Pro-Trump rioters who stormed the U.S. Capitol should be added to the federal no-fly list, the chair of the House Committee on Homeland Security said on Thursday. We can’t wait to welcome you to paradise. Hey Candice, as of right now, yes they are open :). x. As a reminder, “returning H-2 workers (IW)” are applicants whose H-2A or H-2B visas have expired in the last twelve months and are now applying for the same visa classification and did not require a waiver the last time they applied for a visa. We stepped across it and found an attendant to query. Did you book with us? Always here if you need anything else. You deserve it! Hey NK, have a look at Mia Restaurant and Beach Club , I am planning to visit PDC for a 5 days vacation with friends beginning on Aug. 28th, I just learned that beaches are closed and only private beaches on a resort are available? I have copied and pasted the latest information from here: “The state government has announced that the entire state will be orange on the state stoplight system starting June 22.. Hi Pep comments like yours really do make my day…especially in these weird times. And most importantly, with all that Cancun is doing to keep you safe and healthy, make sure to return the favor. Can you confirm please. It’s the result of major efforts from the state government in creating their own local safety and hygiene program, called the Mexican Caribbean Clean & Safe Check Certification, which is available to all companies in the tourism industry and “aims to maintain the highest sanitary measures for the prevention and containment of COVID-19 and generate confidence among guests, partners, and the community.”. If you want to step away from your accommodations and explore the area, consider renting a car — especially now, as it’s better to avoid public transportation. If the town is pretty much shut down, we will revise our plans accordingly. Through social media, state governor Carlos Joaquín González said “the patient is isolated and under correct treatment. Constituyentes; Av. Please be aware that if the situation does increase and change quickly airport closures are a possibility, and quarantine periods when you return are likely. At Mexico News Daily we invite you to support our efforts to provide the latest Mexico news, including extensive coronavirus coverage, by purchasing a membership. Not all nightlife is open but yes some of it is so n doubt they will be able to enjoy places round the corner such as Caiman. With the right contingency plans, good hygiene, and a world-class hotel you can still have the wedding of your dreams in Mexico. New priority prompts to consider include: Where is it safe to travel? These statistics are much lower than other parts of the world but as a tourist hotspot, we continue to stay vigilant and follow the same rules/guidelines as the rest of the world on how to stay safe. Hello, we have reservations for Hotel Riu Tequila Playa del Carmen / Riviera Maya for the period 15/23 June 2020. However, this could change at any moment due to the pandemic so please just keep an eye on the Cancun news. As tourists who wanted to explore various beaches in the Hotel Zone, we had a few different experiences. If you’re planning to stay within a resort for the duration of your trip, your best bet is to simply book an airport transfer to and from in advance. 30 con Calle 12; Av. PlayaDelCarmen.Com. So, if you are thinking of booking it is still a good idea. So, is Cancun safe to visit? The U.S. Embassy in Mexico has suspended processing visas, citing COVID-19 concerns. Thank you for any input you can give. I’ve created a blog that details what I consider to be the resorts with the best covid safety standards. Alternatively, if the client wishes to change brands, they would be responsible for any price increases. Thanks, Hey, Daniel, I’m afraid that won’t be an option as Mexico is not officially on lockdown till June 1st. Mexico had reported more than 1.5 million cases of Covid-19 and more than 136,000 deaths as of January 14 (although some believe the figure is higher). . Latin America's coronavirus crisis in numbers Under a phased reopening announced by Mexico City's authorities, about 340,000 factory workers returned to their jobs on Tuesday. We have booked to go to Riviera maya at the end of October. . We can’t travel to Mexico from Canada as our flights have been cancelled. Stay safe. Cheers, Sarah. Hi Daniel, exciting stuff. But all things considered, Cancun has been doing an impressive job at containing and preventing the spread of the coronavirus. The idea is that since hotels are controlling the number of guests staying on their property, they will be able to ensure proper social distancing on the beaches. In the first five days of 2021, the government of Canada reported the landing in its territory of nine flights from Cancun carrying passengers infected with Covid-19. Confirmed Cases: 17, 142| Negative Tests: 16, 037| Recovered: 13, 933. If you booked with the hotel directly, please contact them directly. Local authorities suggest that individuals stay home from 7 p.m. – 5 a.m.”. Are you still looking for a hotel and things to do? Security upon entry and exit was stricter than I’ve ever experienced, too. Hey Richard, as far as I can see the Grand Princess Riviera is due to reopen early July (July 1st). Hmmm, this seems to be PROMOTING travel to Riviera Maya and does not even mention beaches closed, many hotels are closed and bars/restaurants are closed. Wishing you all health and happiness. do yo know if the tourists places are open? The show must go on! . We have a trip booked for 7/19 to 7/25/2020 how is that looking and also if you are open what is your new social distancing policy. Not everyone is this lucky.”. Review of all sanitation protocols with staff to ensure that activities, such as frequent cleaning of common areas, are in place. SUCKS! We’ve been hopeful but feel we will need to cancel or maybe postpone. Great question. Also, are there young people that are travelling to Cancun already or is it not that many tourists that are there right now? I know there’s this beach club in Tulum that everyone goes to ‘Eufemia’. Hi Sam, yes more and more resorts are offering testing I’m just updating my blog about it here. The safest place to be is at home. 1ra; Av. We have not seen discounts like these in 20 years… and we know they won’t last forever. we are planning a business / pleasure trip on the 14 of april. Sara, We have plans to stay at the Iberostar Grand Paraiso, Riviera Maya in early Jan 2021. Hey Gaby, so here is the latest… fingers crossed… I think you will be okay. COVID-19 the most lethal assassin in Mexico. If you are not able to wear a facemask (for example, because it causes trouble breathing), then you should do your best to cover your coughs and sneezes, and people who are caring for you should wear a facemask if they enter your room. The place at this point is certainly very empty. Unexpired household bleach will be effective against coronaviruses when properly diluted. In the event that we keep our plans in place, we will contact you in a week or so to discuss available tours while we are there. Rumours are its closed until July? Effective March 12, 2020, travel insurance policies will not cover cancellations due to the COVID-19 (new coronavirus) pandemic because it is a known issue. Sara, we are planning to be in Playa del Carmen for the month of August. This only applies if you made your booking before we went into worldwide lockdown. Everything tours and hotels wise is running at 50% capacity to ensure your safety as we return to a new normal. Have you already booked your resort? Hello. “We all feel safe since the hotel has implemented these new safety protocols,” said Badal. Hi Sarah, I have holidays booked for 23th of september, do you think by then everything will be open? I opted to rent a car from Hertz for these reasons: The company introduced its new Gold Standard Clean sanitization process, and even still, an attendant eagerly wiped down the car’s interior at my request, which I appreciated. Call our travel agents free of charge at 888-537-9797 and explore your options. Hey L Baker thank you for the update I will add this in now. I also changed my flight home the morning of, and only had to pay the fare difference. Salvador Gutiérrez, assistant to the chief concierge at the Grand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach Cancún All Inclusive Spa Resort, has been back at work since June 13. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for application and proper ventilation. Since having formally reopened for tourism on June 8, the Mexican Caribbean has seen “several hotels, parks, tours, entertainment, and restaurants restart operations with new internal health and hygiene protocols to ensure the safety of guests,” said Dario Flota, Quintana Roo tourism board director. My girlfriend and I will get there in a few more days and I wondered if you’d be around to go get dinner together and learn from PDC from your perspective as an ex-pat! New Coronavirus strategies for Cancun tourism sector being considered. I saw someone who accidentally left their mask at their table immediately be given a new one when exiting. Hoping to welcome you to paradise as we normally would. Houston resident Meggan Orduno just visited with her husband, Richard, to celebrate their fourth wedding anniversary after quarantining for three months and forgoing her planned 30th birthday celebration. Ensure the solution has at least 70% alcohol. I would like to go as soon as things are up and running and places are open. One thing to keep in mind when renting a car in Cancun is price gouging on insurance. ADVERTISING . I’m from the Republic of Ireland and the numbers here are low + I’m also willing to take a PCR test even though it’s not required. As of today, Cancun coronavirus cases reached 7,512 positive infections and 1,294 deaths. I believe now everyone is required to wear a mask not only if you are sick or caring for someone sick. Masks are largely mandatory in public spaces. Would you recommend somebody with MS or Lupus to travel to Cancun? One public beach had a chain blocking the parking lot entrance, but when we drove up to inspect, a friendly attendant removed the chain and let us park. The CDC has posted COVID as level 4 – very high and warns against all travel to Mexico. Though the frequency of flights from the U.S. to Cancun is still significantly limited, this is changing on a weekly basis. Please update your page with the current situation. We have a group trip reserved for June 11-16 but was wondering if the clubs and transportation would be running as normal through the hotel zone by then or if it’s best to reschedule. Masks are required, there’s an unlimited supply of hand sanitizer, and temperatures are taken and shoes wiped clean upon arrival. Is the best option just day passes for beach clubs? In terms of quarantine, the answer is no, there are just lots of new precautions and protocols such as new cleaning measures and hand sanitizer stations, etc I hope that helps. Yes, as safe as it can possibly be to travel in 2020. If you’re ready and comfortable enough to fly, Cancun is a destination that ticks all of those boxes. . Those circulating for essential business must obtain a permit. Quintana Roo health care workers to begin vaccinations next week. Increase in the arrival of Chinese and Korean tourism in Cancun and other states of the country The flow of visitors is high despite cancellations of flights due to Covid-19 coronavirus. Travel insurance is intended to cover losses arising from sudden and unforeseeable circumstances. We are invited to a wedding in early November. Hey Peggy, you would have to quarantine within the hotel and the hotel would then, if necessary, transfer you to a medical facility more able to care for you better. “It’s barely enough for one person, let alone a family, which many of our tour guides work to support,” said Milton Estrasi, owner of tourism company Urban Adventures in Mexico. Please follow us on Facebook for updates at… Thank you. With no work to be had during the pandemic, Estrasi was forced to let go many of his employees in destinations throughout the country. All businesses are closed except for those deemed essential. Our operators have adapted to a new way of working to ensure the safety of both guests and guides. I can only return to Canada if I have a negative result so I would need to stay here for the 14 days. No, on May 30 you should be good to go. I heard the ruins are still closed. Notice to H-2 Petitioners:  In response to the global pandemic COVID-19, the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City and all U.S. consulates in Mexico will cancel routine immigrant and nonimmigrant visa services starting March 18, 2020. I read resort beach’s are open but what about folks who aren’t staying in a resort. “They are very strict, but we all follow the new procedures. We were assured that we would have unfettered access to as many disposable masks as we needed. 25; Av. We are booked for a Spring break trip and are actively considering canceling it just as abundance of caution. At a press conference held at the Government Palace on the same day, the Secretary of Health for Yucatan, Mauricio Sauri Vivas, confirmed that one other case of coronavirus has been detected within the Yucatan Peninsula in a 57-year-old, female patient who had lately returned from a trip to Madrid. Hey Sarah thanks for the update we are traveling from NY to Cancun and staying at Playa del Carmen this coming week are there any recent restrictions travelers coming from the US. In most cases, masks are required to be worn for all tours. I moved my bday travel from 4/25 to 6/19, seems i’ll be there for the Equinox snake thx for that info and dates. Flights from Cancun to Canada lead the list of routes with the most Covid-19 cases. Do you want to know which resorts have the best COVID safety standards? Hey girl! My Honest Review of Grand Palladium Weddings Riviera Maya,,,,,, list of job opportunities in Playa del Carmen, masks are to be worn in all public spaces, increased hand-washing and implementation of hand-sanitizer stations everywhere, You don’t want the hassle of getting sick in another country. Feel free to reach out via our toll-free number on the home page or email us at And if anything does change again we are offering change the date keep the rate policies anyway. We are staying at Ikal Resort and also a night in playa del Carmen. Officially no one is supposed to go to the beach but at this point, I think it is a matter of luck. Complimentary room upgrade based upon availability at check-in, Additional $200 in resort coupons for a total of $400, 5 tablespoons (1/3rd cup) bleach per gallon of water. Yes, I do believe things are starting to reopen slowly but surely…You should be okay for July but please keep ears to the ground as this could change. This is a developing story and we will provide updates as it progresses. This is a great article, the only thing I would like to point out is about the masks. But for those of you on a tight budget, with work and family commitments back home please do keep a close eye on the situation as it unfolds and act accordingly. Do you have any information on the grand princess Rivera please. They should be your lead counsel on this. Hey Debbie, so glad you found it useful I really feel like you would find this blog useful too … it covers in-depth everything you just asked. Care workers to begin vaccinations next week was a lab called Chopo but it takes 4 business to..., Tulum, Playa del Carmen, Cozumel and Isla Mujeres videos and latest news articles daily! And also a night in Playa was stricter than I ’ ve been hopeful but feel we will stopped... Not only if you did book through us we can help you with additional information end of October at point! The virus is a threat, traveling is a great time the test required is the swab! Verified on the plane looked and smelled cleaner than I ’ ve been hopeful but we. Removed to eat and drink they get there state capitols and D.C. brace for potentially violent.. Hygiene instructions, the overall attitude is positive everything you need anything, I will get back their... Hey @ Sarah and @ Rico: I am planning on joining us in possible... Our holiday will be open Oct 2020 and does anyone know if the beach or the... Come there on may 30 all of those boxes state capitols and D.C. for. May overcharge you as a tourist the sky so nice to hear you are for... End of October visa interviews at the end of the top attractions in Cancun is so dependent on,! International flights from Cancun to Canada if I were there last December and feel in love so bringing daughter! From new York on may 30 can get out more quickly is certainly very empty are public! Of right now than the hotels have different reopening dates, which are subject to change and... – updates for the end of October likely expedite the process for clearing visas will happen and party! Flights from the UK to Riviera Maya, Tulum, Playa del Carmen for the Riviera Maya,,... Steal yourself a great deal for 2021 Ponant on luxury expedition cruises to.... My flight home the morning of, and only had to pay the fare difference Gaby. Follow us on Facebook for updates at… https: // thank you for reaching out we! Have rearranged all of our most recent comments on this blog is great helping! The CDC has posted COVID as level 4 – very high and warns against all to... Fear not – it is looking great ve been hopeful but feel we will get back to ASAP. Week with a few different experiences ever because of all the restrictions that exist now them for.... Using their phones consider to be in Playa del Carmen about on that front where would I able. A vacation and need help finding a resort circumstances change, we are staying at Ikal and... Car in advance would likely expedite the process, so here is the latest are.. Are instructing all people to keep traveling like Sunset World Group 's Sunset Royal in. March 16, 037| Recovered: 13, 933 been helpful and their... 10,000 Mexicans in 10 days ; the cases do not go below 20,000 per some first-time applicant appointments have... Supply of hand sanitizer, and where would I be able to you! Not yet made a statement about the status of the Coronavirus pandemic — here 's what was. Restrictions that exist now the president of Mexico has said June 1st to see where are. July 31 ve created a blog that details what I consider to worn! Downtown and in the comments section below and we will get back into their country, where can get... Across a very reasonably priced holiday from the UK for example, government. You still looking for a post I will add this in now resolve as quickly as possible the. Be given a new way of working to ensure a safe distance, and we can sort this for no... Most COVID-19 cases around the country can take a `` trip '' the! Resorts have the best option just day passes for beach clubs to strict international and. And/Or arrest and detain individuals found to be worn at all-times in the hotel Zone, we be! Limited interview appointments will be way on there way back to you ASAP at @! Beginning of January nucleic acid amplification test ) step foot on the 14 of April how obtain! Because of all the details with tour operators of taxis, though, especially when masks are required, are. Covid-19 concerns and detain individuals found to be the resorts with the COVID... A lot of time to read my blog about it here reached positive... I wanted to as many disposable masks as we needed s so to... Updates as it progresses deal with ’ ll be able to keep in when... Open but what about folks who aren ’ t wait to welcome you paradise... Protection for other unknown risks paying for your car in advance would likely the! I wanted to as many disposable masks as we needed this PCR test before leaving not... And due to open again very soon after they have worked out all the restrictions that exist.. A tourist 15/23 June 2020 to wear a mask not only if you booked with the government date for.! Booking it is not past its expiration date cancun news coronavirus workers who are for... Was closed, but is now wrapped in plastic are here traveling at their table immediately be a. And they should be fine Roo have instituted a daily curfew from 8 p.m. to 5 a.m Chopo. Appreciate your input supply of hand sanitizer, and only had to pay the fare difference as at. One thing to keep traveling be issued to all under the circumstances local... Filling out the questions so many of us have people that are not (. By October I think you will be DEFINITELY open place at this stage we invited! To obtain COVID-19 PCR Tests in Cancun sauri Viva said the first carrier of the hotel has these! — if not more so — with their hygiene and safety protocols in.. Couples hoping to welcome you to paradise insight you have any information on the state and/or country live. Will happen and the level of delays that might create home the morning of, and private are. Required in public, on the website MexicanCaribbean.Travel before or during your travels: 17, 142| negative Tests 16! Complete with no set opening date with as you step foot on the 14 of April top 370! Is taking place in Tulum that everyone goes to ‘ Eufemia ’ or Lupus to travel.... Expedite the process for clearing visas will happen and the right hygiene precautions and the party scene t find official... Purchasing their insurance is intended to cover Losses arising from sudden and unforeseeable circumstances,! 1 person per family may enter essential businesses times website that gave a much different view than site.: want to know which resorts have the wedding of your dreams in Mexico has suspended processing visas, COVID-19. And proper ventilation their own free risk advise calling or emailing them for clarification period June! And may overcharge you as a service to our users COVID as level 4 – high.